About this blogbook

Dearest visitor, thanks for being one and welcome to our blogbook,

I’m a micronaut and together with my buddy Aleh we are hereby sharing things about music, fiction and sometimes about our views and daily life. In these pages you shall find content sometimes written in English and some others in Greek. Since we focus primarily on sounds and thoughts, you will not be confronted with excessive sparkling visual pleasures.

Aleh studied physics, electrical engineering, and medical informatics. Currently he earns his bread (mine as well) as software engineer in the Healthcare IT sector. You will not will find only traces of technical topics he is busy with, and well woven in his stories. Aleh prefers to write fictional stories, but alas his free time is little and precious. He is trying his best though, for that I can tell.

As for me, the Micronaut, I sail the oceans of human minds but most of the time you will find me in the 4th dimension of music. I’m not able to identify a music genre that describes my tastes. Yet, I have a rather biased preference towards dark folk, dark/gothic rock & ambient sounds. Definitely I’m very fastidious when it comes to mainstream pop music, as much as Aleh is. In case you are interested in my music taste, you might better check our last.fm profile. I assume your first reaction is that I’m a product of imagination. Maybe you are right dear visitor, but then again I would challenge you to amend your thoughts, as reality and imagination are just different projections of the same mind. The below embedded song by the French band Kwoon, narrates the story of my life.

Regarding the deployment of this site, we chose one of the most promising blogging platforms to date, that is Jekyll on Github pages. We find it delightful to post simple text files instead of bulky database entries. The chosen theme is the ‘So Simple Theme’ by designer slash illustrator Michael Rose. Michael has created an awesome yet simple theme, and he definitely deserves compliments for his work.

As a proper software engineer would do, Aleh has modified Michael’s theme, in order to accommodate our needs. Among others, he incorporated the responsive-timeline styles by Bruno Rodrigues (check here). Next to that, Aleh has been messing around with javascript (poor guy still struggling with it) to load certain type of content only when is supposed to be displayed in your browser; he did that to save your bandwidth in case you visit a page that happens to contain plenty of photos and iframes. Last but not least, you can spend some time in the 404 page. You can find an (attempt for a) list of customizations in our theme-setup page.

If you wish to contact us, feel free to use one of the links at the bottom (footer).

Welcome to our adventures. Respect others and have fun,
Aleh & the Micronaut

Dear little lad
Here's the story of my life
I lived on the moon (2x)
Grey flying snakes along
Mountains of destiny while
the three tailed moneys
were drawing the stars
Light from the Sun
and I hide myself
on the dark side, alone
I've run so far,
to find my way
Then I dream again.. alone

Dear little boy, listen
To voices of your soul
It showed you the way of
silence and peace
Follow your thought and fly
Choosing all the things
that you desire
Giant waves, fireflies..
Your dream will be
your only shell
Your secrets,
your hiding place, my son
Don't let them try
To crush your brain
Let you go far ...my son