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Following yesterday’s terror attacks in Paris, Facebook, currently one of the biggest social media platforms, suggested their users to stencil the French flag on their profile pictures. Apparently, this was considered as an act of support to the victims, their families and the nation of France. I reckon the motives behind this initiative, yet what follows is my reply to the instigators of this idea. My deepest sympathies go out to the families of the casualties and to all those affected by the dreadful events in the city of light.

No facebook, I’m not going to change my avatar to any flag, either. National flags only fill me with misery and deception. I respect all people whatever their nationality is, but personally I never felt proud of any nationality, and never I will. Terrorism and violence are ineffably abominable human reactions and reflections of a perpetual global decadence that is orchestrated by archons and politicians, bankers, corporates, media, and religious institutions. I’m neither going to use the hashtag # not_in_my_name, because inevitably we are all part of this terrible vice; disclaiming responsibilities is easy, fighting for a better world is where the true battlefield is. I’ll continue advocating for a society that derives and perpetually adapts its moral values from the symbiotic and emergent aspects of natural law. I’ll continue fighting for a society that respects the ecosystem, diversity, and educates all its members on the three fundamental pillars of art, science, and technology. All the rest is nothing but feelings. Until then, I can only hope for less pain in this world.

Dream among the hearts
of those who have no nation

Life is a Waltz - Vol.12 (An Ode to Starlings, Natural Law & Science)

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