The Glorious Outcasts - 2014

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Όσο μεγαλώνω τόσο βγάζω τα rock και τα punk και φοράω τα folk και τα minimal. Έχει να κάνει με τη βιολογική ηλικία του αυτιού μου άραγε; Ή μήπως γερνάει το σύμπαν τριγύρω; To άλλο αστείο είναι πως όταν ακούς ένα μουσικό κομμάτι πολλές φορές, ακόμη κι όταν δε σε εντυπωσίασε στην αρχή, στο τέλος γίνεται συνήθεια και το αγαπάς. Πάντα με εξαιρέσεις βέβαια. Τούτα δω τα άλμπουμ δυσκολεύτηκα λίγο να τα βγάλω απ’ την πενηντάδα. Ολόκληρη η λίστα με φετινά αγαπημένα άλμπουμ εδώ.

An alphabetic list of the outcasts (from my Top-50) for 2014

☛ Alt-J - This Is All Yours

Color: alternative::electronic
Favorite tracks: Intro / Every Other Freckle / The Gospel of John Hurt

☛ BadBadNotGood - III

Color: jazz-fusion::experimental
Favorite tracks: Can’t Leave the Night (great track) / Eyes Closed

☛ Bitter Ruin - Waves

Color: alternative::pop::dark-cabaret
Favorite tracks: Diggers / A Brand New Me

☛ BROODS - Evergreen

Color: indie-pop::electropop
Favorite tracks: Coattails (excellent)

☛ Castanets - Decimation Blues

Color: indie-folk::alt-country
Favorite tracks: Tell Them Memphis

☛ Closer - In Search of Life

Color: dark::ambient::post-rock
Favorite tracks: Interception

☛ Collapse Under the Empire - Sacrifice & Isolation

Color: post-rock::instrumental
Favorite tracks: A Broken Silence (full stream)

☛ Douglas Dare - Whelm

Color: alternative::ambient
Favorite tracks: Swim

☛ iamamiwhoami - BLUE

Color: synthpop::electronic::ambient
Favorite tracks: Blue / Hunting for Pearls

☛ Inventions - Inventions

Color: ambient::post-rock
Favorite tracks: Entity (with this, no way you don’t fly)

☛ Last Harbour - After The Flatlands

Color: dark-folk
Favorite tracks: Untill
Note: This is a great new album but not eligible for blogovision due to restrictive of the rules. :(

☛ Lost In The Trees - Past Life

Color: indie::folk::rock
Favorite tracks: Lady In White / Glass Harp (don’t miss that) / Sun

☛ Lowtide - Lowtide

Color: shoegaze::dream-pop
Favorite tracks: Blue Movie (dreams do run)

☛ Mimicking Birds - EONS

Color: indie::rock::folk::alt-country
Favorite tracks: Owl Hoots (amazing track) / Water Under Burned Bridges

☛ Mirel Wagner - When the Cellar Children See the Light of Day

Color: accoustic::folk::blues
Favorite tracks: The Dirt / Oak Tree

☛ NEEDTOBREATHE - Rivers In The Wasteland

Color: indie-rock::folk::country
Favorite tracks: State I’m In / Rise Again (beautiful) / The Heart

☛ Nick Mulvey - First Mind

Color: indie::pop::rock::alternative
Favorite tracks: Cucurucu

☛ Passenger - Whispers

Color: accoustic::folk
Favorite tracks: Start A Fire (makes me wanna dance)

☛ Picastro - You

Color: dark-folk::rock
Favorite tracks: Mountain Relief

☛ Roselit Bone - Blacken & Curl

Color: alternative::gothic-americana
Favorite tracks: Roselit Bone (this is real southern gothic, dance)

☛ Second Hand Heart - Damnesia

Color: alternative::indie::pop
Favorite tracks: Trouble / Hold On

☛ Sivert Høyem - Endless Love

Color: alternative-rock::blues
Favorite tracks: Endless Love / Little Angel

☛ Sleepstream - They Flew in Censored Skies

Color: post-rock::post-metal
Favorite tracks: They Flew in the Censored Skies

☛ Smoke Fairies - Smoke Fairies

Color: alternative::indie::folk
Favorite tracks: We’ve Seen Birds

☛ Sol Invictus - Once Upon a Time

Color: dark-folk::neofolk
Favorite tracks: The Devil’s Year

☛ Stems - Polemics

Color: ambient::post-rock::experimental
Favorite tracks: Connery

☛ The Jezabels - The Brink

Color: indie::rock::pop
Favorite tracks: All You Need / Got Velvet

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