31 new songs for December 31

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Here is a genre-less set of 31 alternative (thus no mainstream) and ear-grabbing new songs born in 2017. The set unfolds without any intentional order. I hope you enjoy it.

1 Hior Chronik - Whispers from the surface of a lake, from album “Out Of The Dust”

2 Mammal Hands - Black Sails, from album “Shadow Work”

3 Laura Frances - Restless Bed of Water, from debut EP album “Restless Bed of Water”

4 Animic - Inhuman, from album “SKIN”

5 Shad Shadows - Moon Bay, from EP album “Fix”

6 Emma Gatrill - Cocoon, from album “Cocoon”

7 Peter Silberman - New York, from album “Impermanence”

8 Winter Family - Jesus, from album “South From Here”

9 Nyctalgia - And Then There Was Silence, from album “A Hint of Eternity”

10 Nadine Khouri - Broken Star, from debut album “The Salted Air”

11 JFDR - Instant Patience, from album “Brazil”

12 Nikos Spiliotis - Another World is Waiting for Us 2, from album “In Search of Our Better Selves”

13 Low Roar - Bones (feat. Jófríõur Ákadóttir), from album “Once In A Long Long While…”

14 Shadow Band - Green Riverside, from album “Wilderness Of Love”

15 Out Lines - The Left Behind, from album “Conflats”

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16 Angus MacRae - Spindrift, from album “Cry Wolf”

17 Timber Timbre - Sincerely, Future Pollution, from album “Sincerely, Future Pollution”

18 Les Discrets - Vanishing Beauties, from album “Prédateurs”

19 Mute Swimmer - Reckoning, from album “Air Itself”

20 Twin Oaks - Nothing, from album “Collapse”

21 Le Days - Inside Me, from album “I Am Your King”

22 Fletcher Tucker - I Became Smoke, from album “Cold Spring”

23 Fever Ray - Red Trails, from album “Plunge”

24 Lean Year - Come and See, from album “Lean Year”

25 CHELSEA WOLFE - 16 Psyche, from album “Hiss Spun”

26 Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Anthem For No State, Pt. III, from album “Luciferian Towers”

27 Circuit des Yeux - Black Fly, from album “Reaching For Indigo”

28 May Roosevelt - Pa, from album “Junea”

29 Sumie - Divine Wind, from album “Lost In Light”

30 Sin Fang, Sóley & Örvar Smárason - Dream Team Party Kids, from album “Team Dreams”

31 Carlos Cipa - The Place Where They Go, from album “Sculptures”

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