The Roaring Twenties - 2014

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Σκέφτηκα να κάνω πρόλογο γι’ αυτά, αλλά άλλαξα γνώμη. Πάω να γυαλίσω τους πατατάρους πριν αναλάβουν δουλειά.

30 ☛ Blonde Redhead - Barragán

Color: alternative::rock::avant-guarde
Favorite tracks: The One I Love / Seven Two / Barragán / Mind To Be Had

“She does nothing all day
But sit down and cry
She touches the sky
And wishes to play”

29 ☛ My Brightest Diamont - This Is My Hand

Color: indie-folk::experimental
Favorite tracks: Pressure / Shape / This is my hand

Shara Worden-Image
Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond, live @ Cross-linx festival Eindhoven, 7 Feb 2014. Photo credits: Aleh

“Diamonds, so wild I cannot tame
So shiny I cannot name
All of this pressure’s making
Diamonds, disperse the white light”

28 ☛ Dillon - The Unknown

Color: indie::pop
Favorite tracks: The Unknown / A Matter of Time / Silence

With the waves (Rain drops, trees rise)
Guiding me (Mountains peak, skies fall, floods tide)
I give way (It’s only a matter of time)
Go astray

27 ☛ She Keeps Bees - Eight Houses

Color: ‎blues::‎folk::‎grunge‬
Favorite tracks: Is What It Is / Raven

“do not surrender”

26 ☛ Mani Deum - When Beauty Ends

Color: dark-folk::neofolk::dark-americana
Favorite tracks: The Fall and the Loss / Bourbom BedtimeStory / Bloodbath in E Minor / Walk in the City

25 ☛ Luluc - Passerby

Color: indie-folk
Favorite tracks: Without a face / Tangled Heart

24 ☛ Chinawoman - Let’s Part In Style

Color: electronic::rock::pop
Favorite tracks: Vacation From Love / Good Times Don’t Carry Over / Woman is Still a Woman / To Be With Others

23 ☛ Ben Howard - I Forget Where We Were

Color: indie::folk
Favorite tracks: In Dreams / Evergreen / End Of The Affair / She Treats Me Well

22 ☛ Gulp - Season Sun

Color: folk::dreampop
Favorite tracks: Vast Space / Play / I Want To Dance

21 ☛ Hauschka - Abandoned City

Color: ambient::instrumental
Favorite tracks: Elisabet Bay / Craco / Agdam

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