No 13 - Surrounded with words

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Conversations… go over my head… isolation… has an ugly face… Hello? Are you there?

Color: ambient::post-rock::shoegaze
Favorite tracks: The entire album is great.

MONO released in 2014 a douple LP, titled “Rays of Darkness” & “The Last Dawn” respectively. Both albums are incredibly beautiful and equivalent - if not superior - to prior works of this amazing Japanese post-rock band. Yet, the album “Rays of Darkness” gathered all those elements capable of attracting my attention severely. Particularly the track “Surrender”, featuring the brilliant sound of trumpet of Calexico’s Jacob Valenzuela, was on repeat for several days, after it became available on-line. Unfortunately, due to the rules of blogovision, this LP cannot take part in the game and therefore is out-casted. I decided to give the 13th position to this band, with their other LP “The Last Dawn”, and I do not regret my decision.

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