No 05 - Röyksopp - The Inevitable End

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"Make a space, for my body... This will be my monument, this will be a beacon when I'm gone gone gone"

One of the bands that made me love electronic music.

When I’m gone!
Soon when that moment comes,
I can say I did it all with love love love
All with love love love
All with love!”

Color: electronic::electro-pop
Favorite tracks: Something In My Heart (feat. Jamie Irrepressible) / Monument feat. Robyn (T.I.E. Version) / Sordid Affair

“I don’t know what’s real
You are what I can’t feel”

(απ’ τη συλλογή “τα χαϊδοκώλικα καψουροτράγουδα περιωπής”)

Same place last year… (The Barbarians)

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